About Us

Our Vision

That every young person who finds themselves in protective custody, experiences the loving presence of Jesus Christ, freeing them from the bondage of sin and addiction, and leading them to a purpose-driven life guided by scripture.

Our Mission

About UsThe mission of the Chaplaincy Program is to have young people know Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible and to provide youth with Biblical values that help guide their lives and future decisions.

The Hillcrest Chaplaincy & Ministries was incorporated in California in 1958 as a non-profit corporation. It serves detained youth at the San Mateo County youth correctional facility (youth services center) and auxiliary facilities.

The ministry is entirely supported by contributions in the San Mateo County community of churches, foundations and individuals.

Donations are tax deductible as Hillcrest Chaplaincy and Ministry is an IRS 501 (C) (3) organization.

Once Free

One former facility resident (let’s call him Peter) spoke with Pam Morrow about a praise to pass along to the Chaplaincy. Peter wanted to say, “Thank you for teaching from the passage in the Bible found in John 15:1-8”. The talk Pam led focused on influences and relationships. What kind of friend is in your life? Some friends lead us on the path of trouble. Those friends most likely do not care about you, only what you can do for them. Peter’s cousin was a bad influence in his life. Peter moved to another town, and he has new friends, and people who care about him. Peter is now 19, he has a job, and he is going to church, and college. He made a special effort to contact the ministry and outreach.  He is transformed.  He is very happy. Pam shared on prayer one night from Acts 4:1-31. One of the youth named Alex shared that his grandfather prays everywhere he goes. Louis shared,” I pray every night before sleeping”. Miguel prays three times a day. Bob prays before playing football that he does not get injured and that the other players are safe. One young guy said, I am reading a book intitled, “Practical Prayer” by Derek Prime. He reads the book every morning. Andy asked if he could pray for all of us right now?

What People are Saying about Us

“The concern and love that your staff have shown my son has been amazing. At-risk kids like my son need to know that they are worthwhile and that not everyone has given up on them. I hope the services that the Hillcrest Chaplaincy and Ministry provide will continue to be fully funded. It is a much needed program for kids like my son.”